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“Furthering People for Better Performance in Do-How”

ParkLane Insight/TriFinance/TriHD/TriTechnology roots in a unique idea, a strong vision on people. The purpose of our company is Furthering People for Better Performance in Do-How. It implies that we radically put our employees - Me inc.®’ers - first and this constitutes a win-win-win-situation for them, our company and our customers. Our professionals grow faster, TriFinance benefits and grows subsequently, and the customers reap the rewards of our people’s drive coming from their intrinsic motivation. That’s why we choose for Economies of Motivation® instead of Economies of Scale. It makes us a challenger in the market.

  • Economies of Motivation®

    Putting employees first and customers second shifts the focus from profit to people. ParkLane Insight grows through the growth of our people. In order to make people grow in the most efficient and effective way, we aim at the most powerful human driver: intrinsic motivation. That is why we place Economies of Motivation® above traditional Economies of Scale. Our people are free to take their growth opportunities in their own hands and work in an environment where they can discover and develop their skills, get space to think and act, accelerate their career, share knowledge and move around in our organization. This kind of working environment is enjoyable, inspiring and motivating. We listen, invest and trust our people. Of course this is no free lunch: with freedom comes responsibility, with trust comes respect.

  • Me inc.® professionals

    Because of our firm belief in Economies of Motivation®, we work with a specific type of people: Me inc.® professionals. We see our people, explicitly, not as (human) resources or assets, but as entrepreneurs of their own talent, skills and career. A Me inc.®’er sees himself as a 'brand' of which the value can increase ad infinitum. He/she wants to learn and can seek guidance through training and coaching. Me inc.®’ers are allowed the space to make their own choices independently, in order to further develop those skills and seek application for them, inside or outside the organization, whilst sharing their learning along the way.