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About Parklane Insight

Putting people - Me inc.®’ers - first

At ParkLane Insight we believe that reinventing the way we work, to improve performance and governance, can only be done by furthering people. Putting people development first creates Economies of Motivation® that are more powerful than Economies of Scale. Furthering our Me inc.® (Me incorporated) consultants on different jobs and through individual development paths, results in our Do-How service delivery, a new and sometimes unconventional combination of staffing and advisory. It makes us a challenger in the market.

Our customers rely on our flexible knowledge sharing network organization and on our pragmatic external support realized in an eye to eye, co-creation fashion. ParkLane Insight is an innovative growth company that operates with a portfolio of Blue Chip Boutiques, independent business units, in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.

ParkLane Insight boasts solid expertise in different areas in finance and related departments. We offer transition & support, interim management, permanent employment, advisory services, project implementation or a combination of services. We work mainly for large and medium-sized companies, both in industry and in the services sector, as well as for banks, insurance companies and for the (semi)public and non-profit sector. 

Our story and way of thinking are game changers. 800 Me inc. ® 'ers are currently writing new chapters. Thousands preceded them en many more are yet to come.