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“Co-creation in a knowledge sharing network organization"
ParkLane Insight is a flexible knowledge sharing network organization. It delivers new combinations of staffing and consultancy. The basic company model rests on the ‘Tri’ (read: three) pillars: the Hub Philosophy, Do-How Service Philosophy and BaseCamp. Communication is a key condition to success within our open and constructive culture based on trust and honesty.
  • Network organization

    Our flexible knowledge sharing network organization reflects our ‘employee first’ purpose, our way of working, and makes us a unique player in the labour and the service market. Flexible knowledge sharing networks are better equipped for the present and the future. They are agile and thrive in times of change, stimulate motivation and teamwork and thus lead to collective thinking and creativity and ultimately better performance.

    An organization based on command and control, a boss that always knows best, ICT that above all is employed to further control and efficiency, etc., is not appropriate in today’s working environment, and will not inspire young professionals to “collective thinking/creativity”. The well-known hierarchical organization is insufficient. Even if such an organization is prepared to invest lots of money in hardware, it will always fall short in creating the human conditions necessary: management offers boxes instead of room, fear and punishment instead of trust and support, etc. Old organizations will talk about introducing new concepts but it becomes only “the sound of change”. The adaptability of these old organizations is too small to advance, because they are prisoners of a self created “systems world”.

    The new organization that can inspire and motivate the new generation of professionals to “collective thinking / creativity”, is basically a flat organization. Egalitarian, but strongly selective. With respect to professionalism or personality, it’s not a perfect fit for everyone. But after you’re selected ranks and stations are not the issue anymore. 

  • Multidisciplinary Co-creation - the way we work

    You might recognize some elements of the guild corporation: helping each other to become better craftsmen and perform better, making every member proud to belong to the group. And everyone experiences their fun in working together towards a joint and therefore better result. Teamplay is the name of the game. Of course, such an organization too will have to fulfill some conditions. A minimum of structure and rules are inevitable. A state of the art infrastructure to facilitate communication is conditional. Last but not least: an open, trust based culture and a coaching style of leadership is necessary. Such a way of organizing corresponds with “the world of life”.  

  • ‘Tri’ pillars

    ParkLane Insight’s/TriFinance’s basic company model rests on the ‘tri’ (read: three) pillars: the Hub Philosophy, Service Philosophy and BaseCamp. They are the foundation of our identity, as they describe how we look at ourselves, our people and our clients. Our Hub Philosophy offers growth to our correspondents and doing so we act as a career accelerator and a destination finder, without a retention policy. Our Service Philosophy combines consultancy (know-how) and secondment/staffing (capacity). Resulting in Do-How. The internal ParkLane-team, our BaseCamp with its Expert Support Units, links the two other pillars. It provides expertise and experience steering at furthering people to create value at our customers. This distinguishes us from our competitors and makes us a challenger in the market.

  • CareerHub™

    Our Blue Chip Boutiques (BCB’s) are a CareerHub™. It’s like an airport. Professionals, Me inc.®’ers, come and go, seeking new destinations through fulfilling challenging finance projects. It’s a working environment in which one can grow faster than in traditional businesses by creating an open atmosphere where questions can be asked and answered. In this environment people take their careers into their own hands towards their career destination. The CareerHub™ is the logical consequence of putting people first and a strong dedication to furthering people.

  • Do-How service philosophy

    Our Service Philosophy – the way we approach the market of candidates and customers – contains ‘new combinations’ of secondment/staffing (intelligent capacity) and consultancy (know-how). We call it ‘Do-How’. It's our ability to translate the knowledge angle of consulting into action that is consistent with what we wish to achieve. We believe ‘Do-How’ results in better solutions, ‘beyond advisory’. This is made possible by experienced individuals who combine deep industry experience with conceptual and methodological knowledge. They don’t write big papers but offer pragmatic know-how and do-how. If know-how is knowing what to do to make change happen, do-how is doing what needs to be done. Our Me inc.® professionals can help either way. Doing so they differ from other consultants and that's why we are a challenger in the market.

  • BaseCamp

    Our BaseCamp offers space and support to our people, Me inc.® professionals. In return we ask them to take personal responsibility, dare to ask questions. A network organization allows people to further themselves and their career quicker than traditional organizations. Our working environment allows for a professional to explore his talents and take his career into his own hands with the support of other professionals. Coaching and mentoring are part of ParkLane Insight’s DNA. 

  • Communication

    In our way of working, communication and communication tools/systems are a key condition. “Collective thinking/creativity” results only when professionals are able and encouraged to search and meet one another to solve issues and drive performance. To enable this new way of working, we have a state of the art communication infrastructure: smart tools, with sensible content, for smart people. Our company has more in common with a media firm – daring to use new technology, accepting creative experiments - than the traditional office-firm. It is a firm strongly oriented on sharing and spreading knowledge and information.

  • Culture

    Our open and constructive culture is based on trust and honesty. They are a necessary condition to create and maintain a knowledge sharing network organization. In such a culture everyone feels free to ask questions without having the feeling to look “stupid”. Asking questions is the way forward for people who are eager to learn and who want to accelerate their career. A crucial condition in a working environment where defined space is a motivator and Furthering people for better performance in Do-How the company’s primary objective. It’s a culture in which we play the ball and not the man. A place where everyone enjoys creating room for others to score, so that everyone wins. This culture is conditional for upgrading work to teamwork. We make people, that didn’t know one another yesterday, act as a team, working on a team result: delivering our services as well as managing the organization and teamwork within and between FastLane and ParkTime.