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"New combination of staffing and consultancy"

DO-HOW as a new service combination

ParkLane Insight creates value in co-creation with three – Tri – partners: consultants, clients and the company as the link between the first two. To make this possible, it is organised as a knowledge-sharing network consisting of business units, Blue Chip Boutiques (BCBs), which are supported by Expert Support Units (XSUs). There are three types of BCBs: Transition & Support (T&S), Expert Industry and Expert Specialty.

  • Our platform model from which we do ‘what’ we do

    We are organized as a knowledge-sharing network. Our operating model consists of business units, Blue Chip Boutiques (BCBs) from which we do business. These ‘verticals’ are supported by horizontal Expert Support Units (XSUs). By connecting the two transversally, we give the company leveraging power, because we combine the benefits of a large company with those of highly effective units.

    ParkLane Insight focuses on candidates and clients. We offer our employees interesting projects and combine that with a strong BaseCamp in each BCB that provides specialist knowledge. Our people can access mentors, coaches and experts within the BCBs and XSUs. This means that the professional growth of our Me inc.® staff happens faster than it would elsewhere (‘Career Accelerator’). We also help them to find their professional destination (‘Destination Finder’), even if it is not with us. These characteristics define ParkLane Insight as a challenger in the market.

  • Our broad, in-depth portfolio of services

    We provide services relating to areas of knowledge in specific sectors and we use highly distinctive methodologies to do so. Our Do-How portfolio is broad and in-depth. Do-How is an innovative combination of the strength of staffing and advisory functions that eliminates the disadvantages of both.

    Our clients can come to us for operational support, advice, project implementation and the strengthening of their organisation. We find the right solution for them with permanent staff and interim managers. Furthermore, our portfolio includes training courses in a variety of areas. We even have the in-house expertise to take over the activities of a finance department entirely.

    Every Blue Chip Boutique has its focus, specific expertise, experience and approach to its particular markets. The supporting Expert Support Units bring together specific subject-area expertise such as Care, Communication, Systems, Finance and Legal. This amplifies the skills available in the BCB, as if it were a large company.

Three types of BCBs:

Transition & Support (T&S), Expert Industry and Expert Specialty with two types of strategic functions

The fact that the BCBs can join forces to broaden their expertise increases the value of TriFinance’s service portfolio still further. Likewise, potential is raised by the existence of strong BaseCamps, with Expert Support Units (XSUs) to support the consultants in BaseCamp. Mentors coach our project consultants during projects and coaches help with their career planning. Every BCB has a Care (Human Development) and Communications Manager, and these are part of our BaseCamp, to which the Care, Communication, Systems-to-Support, Legal, Finance and Business Economics XSUs also belong. Together, these form an arsenal of resources that increase the effectiveness of our project consultants both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Our TriFinance portfolio of services includes:


  • Transition & Support
  • Pragmatic Advisory
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Training


  • Corporates
  • Financial Institutions
  • Public & Non-profit
  • Small & medium sized enterprises

Areas of Expertise

  • Finance & Business Operations
  • Performance Management & Improvement
  • Enterprise transformation
  • Project, process & change management

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